Blue Sticky Trap

Host Insect

Aphid, Thrips, leaf hoppers, jassids, Leaf miner, brown plant hopper, Fruit Fly, Moth and other Flying Insects.


The Blue trap has some important advantages. As well as the blue being more attractive for the thrips. It is also far less attractive to other species. This increases the specificity of the traps and avoids the complications of attracting no target and in particular beneficial insects, which need to be preserved. The blue traps can comfortably be used in glasshouses etc. where beneficial insects are being released. Some insects are still caught but this is likely to be due to random contact. These are standard cut sized Paper sheets coated both the sides with insect sticky adhesive along with release paper.

Physical Dimensions

  • Product Color: Blue
  • Size: 22 cm x 28 cm
  • Size: 22 cm x 33 cm

Per acre 20 to 25 Yellow and Blue Sticky trap required.

Please use hand gloves/Keep clean hands when handling the Lure /Trap.

  • High adhesive layer.
  • Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.
  • The glue is non toxic and does not dry fast.
  • It is easy to install in the field.
  • They are user Eco -friendly.
  • Non Toxic.
  • These are sheets coated on both sides with special non-drying insect trapping adhesive specially formulated for the trapping of flying insects.
  • The color of the trap has been selected as being a very attractive color for insects, which become entangled and held in the glue when seeking to land on the trapped they give information on the population density of the pest and help the grower to determine the optimal control strategy.
  • These traps are designed for multi-season use and are resistant to severe weather conditions.
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