Maxplus Trap

Host Insect

Bactrocera dorsalis (Oriental fruit fly), Bactrocera Zonata(Peach fruit fly), Bactrocera correcta (Guava fruit fly), Bactrocera cucurbitae (Melon fruit fly)


Pheromone traps utilize insect hormones that simulate the type of scent produced by the female insect to seduce or lure their male counterparts. Males lured into traps are prevented from mating. These traps assist the grower in determining the mating activity of the insect pest by counting insects trapped over a period of time. This information will enable a sound decision to be made regarding the timing for the release of beneficial insects and the use of organic repellents and insecticides to knock down large pest populations.

Physical Dimensions

  • Approximate Dimension(Assembled): 120 mm Diameter × 150 mm Height
  • Dome Dimensions: 120 mm Diameter × 110 mm Height
  • Dome Material: Virgin Plastic Grade
  • Dome Color: Clear
  • Base Dimensions: 118 mm Diameter × 500 mm Height
  • Base Color: Yellow
  • Approximate Weight(per Trap) : 60 Gram

Per acre 10 Maxplus trap required

Please use hand gloves/Keep clean hands when handling the Lure /Trap.

  • Helps in reducing the damage to the crop.
  • It can be use six year long.
  • Easy install.
  • Wind and waterproof.
  • It can be use six year long.
  • Up side of trap one lure holder it can be possible for hanging with lure.
  • Trap made with transparent body for checking numbers of the insect in the trap.
  • On transparent body the whole for insect entering which is attract to smell.
  • Under the trap one big whole for passing insect and trapping in trap.
  • It helps to monitor whether Fruit flies are present in the field.
  • Can be used with pheromone lure and liquid bait attractant.
  • In yellow bottom use the same liquid for insect attract, a second thing is yellow color attracts the same species insect It traps different fruit flies.
  • They are durable and can be used for several seasons by only replacing the fruit fly lure
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