Glue Trapper

Host Insect

Whitefly, Leaf miner, Aphid, Thrips, jassids, Cabbage root fly, Cabbage white butterfly Cucumber beetles, Capsides, , Tea mesquites, leaf hoppers, brown plant hopper, Fruit Fly, Moth and other Flying Insects.


Glue Trapper works under the integrated pest management supported by the farmer to protect their crops from harmful insect and pest as well as help to promote pest free fruit and vegetables. Glue Trapper is a most effective for catching harmful insect from long distance as well as pest monitoring and tacking relevant remedial action.

Physical Dimensions

  • Tin are available in sizes: 100, 250, 500 (All in ml)

Per acre 20 to 25 Yellow and Blue Sheets required. (Ration: Yellow sheets 15 and Blue sheets 10, total 25)

Please use hand gloves/Keep clean hands when handling the Lure /Trap.

  • Insect can be attracting from long distance.
  • It is reusable.
  • Ideal for quick and simple monitoring.
  • The glue is non toxic and does not dry fast.
  • It is easy to install in the field.
  • They are user ECO friendly.
  • Non Toxic.
  • It is very Economical for farmer.
  • It can be storing long time
  • Glue Tin and trapping sheet are providing separately for long durability.
  • Trapping sheet can be used Multi-Time.
  • It is easy to apply and economical.
  • It plays the most important role in trapping all kinds of harmful insects.
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