Delta Trap

Host Insect

Moths (Lepidoptera), Diamondback moth (Plutella xylostella), Tuta Absoluta (Tomato leaf miner)


The Delta trap is a long-lasting and water-resistant device that can be used in conjunction with a number of pheromones. The pheromones are species-specific and thus have a minimal effect on beneficial insects. Accurate monitoring is essential to minimize damage and protect crops. Therefore, the installation of the Delta trap will ensure you are alerted to the presence of unwanted pests at an early stage, detecting the insects before they become a major problem and enabling timely and effective treatment. The trap is quick and easy to assemble and simply requires the addition of a pheromone lure, which when placed in the center of the trap will attract and trap the pests.

Physical Dimensions

  • 570 mm (L) x 235 mm (W) x 120 mm (H)
  • Physical Dimensions of sticky liner: 200 mm (L) x 190 mm (W)
  • Product Color: Yellow

Per acre 6 to 8 Delta trap required.

Please use hand gloves/Keep clean hands when handling the Lure /Trap.

  • Easy to assemble, easy to monitor, easy to replace sticky liners.
  • Monitors all adult moths.
  • Multi season use.
  • Used with lures to selectively attract specific species.
  • Life lures may be moved from liner to liner.
  • Use over several seasons due to strong, robust material.
  • Removable sticky liner for ease of inspection and replacement.
  • Delta trap comes with a replaceable sticky insert that is coated with a special adhesive on one side and is used in combination with Attract pheromone dispensers
  • Delta traps are useful tools for monitoring moths
  • They give information on the population density of the pest and help the grower to determine the optimal control strategy
  • These Delta traps are designed for multi-season use and are resistant to severe weather Conditions
  • They are very easy to assemble and it collapses flat for storage
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