On Field Installation

  • Green Revolution also provide the field service where there didn't aware about the Integrated Pest Management.
  • We are also provide the lot of information to the farmers and businessman.
  • Our field expert team also giving the advice to the farmer about their crops for getting the productivity high with low cost also giving the information about the organic farming.

Field Testing

  • Green Revolution carries out field tests at farm to help businesses and farmer understand and record the efficacy and effective of their product samples. We have a large testing field for testing a various existing and new products which is frequently visited by our testing experts and scientists.
  • Field testing ensures that product samples are tested in conditions for use that are similar to the conditions once they reach the end user.

Testing and Evaluation

  • Green Revolution conducts the field testing with use of various field equipment with trail for satisfy the end user to control their crop from harmful insect.
  • We also evaluate the product from various field testing and then finalize the product for provide the satisfaction to the end customer
  • Because we are getting first priority to our customer.

Insect Identification

  • Harmful Insects can cause irreparable damage to a business if not managed properly. Most times however, businesses aren’t equipped to identify the insect in the first place.
  • At Green Revolution, our expertise we help businesses identify the species of insects that pose a threat to their quality parameters.
  • We are continually supporting the customer and provide the relevant and required information as well as giving advice for managing their pest problems.

Our values

  • Green Revolution always offer the premium quality products.
  • We are always taking corrective action and decision against the quality products.
  • We have one special scientific lab with team of scientists and Experts field testing for making best quality products to satisfy the end user.
  • Also we are collect the feedback form from our customers for continuously improve the product quality.
  • Green revolution also offers the contract of manufacturing (CM) for increase the awareness of the integrated pest management and also aware about the organic farming.
  • Because eat the organic farming food is only best way of healthy and long life.
  • We have one special department for offering the contract of manufacturing this are provide the best offer to our customer and also giving the continuous support for any stage.
  • Green Revolution always offers the Delivery commitment to our customers.
  • We are also providing the offers on day delivery to the customers.
  • Because we well know the delivery is the most important thing to satisfy our customer. Therefore we also provide the commitments of delivery to our customer.