AFAW lure/ fallarmy worm Pheromone lure

(spodoptera frugiperda)

Host crop

Maize and Rice & 80 other crops


Some examples of targeted crops include cotton, tobacco, sweet corn, rice, peanuts, and even fruits such as apples, oranges, and many more. The list of possible food sources for the worms is extensive, so crop damage is wide-ranging. It is estimated that almost 40 percent of those species that armyworms target are economically important. Because the larva eats so much of the plant, they are very detrimental to crop survival and yield. In corn, larvae will even burrow into the corn ear to eat the kernels.

Life cycle

The life cycle is completed in about 30 days during the summer, but 60 days in the spring and autumn, and 80 to 90 days during the winter. The number of generations occurring in an area varies with the appearance of the dispersing adults. The ability to diapauses is not present in this species. In moths are abundant from April to December, but some are found even during the winter months

Pest Identification

Fall Armyworm insect, damage up to 80 plants, most damage see in Maize and rice. Egg are laid on the underside of the leaves, freshly hatched larvae move downwards to leaf sheath and feed on inner tissue, With the advancement of growth and development larvae bore into stem bore into stem and feed on inner surface.

The Fall Army Worm adult moths are 32 to 40 mm wing tip to wing tip, with a brown or gray forewing, and a white hind wing. There is slight sexual dimorphism, with males having more patterns and a distinct white spot on each of their forewings. The first larval instar is light-colored with a larger dark head. As they develop through instars, they become browner with white lengthwise lines. They also develop dark spots with spines

Insect Sex Pheromone Technology. It is the process of attraction, and trapping the insect those damages to crops.

Funnel trap with FAW lure at 15/ha for controlling.

Please use hand gloves / clean hand for handling lure.

  • Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage
  • If used properly can detect low numbers of insects
  • Collect only Species Specific.
  • Non toxic
  • Can be used all season long
  • Pheromone Lure is species-specific
  • Reduce the use of harmful pesticide and do organic farming and save the life



Pheromone used 99% pure.


100% Effective from other commercial product


Lure working Depend on weather conditions.


Packing signal unit in anti smell realizing pouch.


Lure working day in field life 30 - 45 days.


Dispenser - Septa and vial


Lure can stay for one year without removing from packing.

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