Rato’n Trapper

The Rato’n Trapper is a trapping all kind of Rat/Mouse in various location area such as office, Food storage area, Production area, Ware house, False ceiling and it is a directly ready to use.


Rat: Rats feed on stored food grains and pass on bacteria which can be a potential danger. If you find droppings, do not delay, and use the Rato'n Trapper Glue Pad to get rid of rats. You will get instant results.

Rato’n Trapper is made using natural or synthetic adhesive applied to cardboard. It is non-poisonous sticky glue, spread over card boards and kept in places where rats frequent, which gets them stuck to it when they pass over it. The rat will subsequently die from dehydration and choke. Bait may also be placed on the cardboard to attract the rats for better result.

This trap is for indoor use only to avoid trapping non-targeted animals and birds. Keep the Rato’n Trapper far from children & pets.

  • Standard Size of our Rato’n Trap Small – 33.5 cm*10.8 cm, Rato’n Trapper Big – 33.5cm*21cm.
  • Rato'n Trapper is fully peanut butter smelled, so no required to place any bait on the trap.
  • Rato’n Trapper is non-toxic, No poison, and Non-dropping glue.
  • Rato’n Trapper holds the dead mouse so there are no worries about mice dying and smelling in hidden places.
  • You can easily dispose of the dead mouse and trap together, just wrap them and put them in the garbage.
  • You don’t have to clean and re-set and re-bait glue traps.
  • Can be used in Residence, Garden, Offices, Restaurants, Hospitals, false ceiling, store grain area Etc.

Sr. No Components Specifications
1 Materials of Construction UV Stabilized Plastic Polymer.
2 Dimensions 14 cms (Dia) x 13 cms (H) with lure basket, 13 cms (Dia) x 9 cms (H) without lure basket, but with septa / vial fixture.
3 Colour Yellow or customized colour.
4 Effective life span in the field Multiple seasons (subject to weather conditions).
5 Target Crops & Pests Spodoptera litura (Oriental Leaf Worm) in Cotton, Maize, Jute, etc. Helicoverpa armigera (Cotton Boll Worm) in Chilli, Okra, etc. and Spodoptera frugiperda (Fall Armyworm) in Maize, Sweet Corn, etc.
6 How it works Moths attracted by the pheromone kept under the canopy, enter the funnel, hit the sides while in flight and drop down into the transparent plastic bag attached to the lower end of the funnel and get killed
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