IPM Fly Ribbon


IPM Fly Ribbon is a fly-killing device made of paper coated with a sweetly fragrant, but extremely sticky substance that traps flies and other flying insects in indoor house when they land upon it. IPM Fly ribbon is considered a pest control device.

Using Fly paper is one of the most ancient techniques for eliminating flies. Fly papers are also known as fly ribbons.

An IPM fly Ribbon is coated with an attractant that has adhesive properties. The attractants used in the IPM Fly Ribbon for more quantity of files can attracts towards IPM Fly Ribbon.

IPM Fly Ribbon can be used indoors Generally, IPM Fly Ribbon works the best when you hang it in an area where flies come / out frequently.You can use them near window panes, trash cans, near entrances etc.Also, if you are using a IPM Fly Ribbon outdoors then make sure to change it after a few days, as it may lose its efficiency when it becomes dusty.

This trap is for indoor use only to avoid trapping non-targeted flies. Keep the IPM Fly Ribbon far from children &pets.

  • 24quantity pack in each box (24*4)
  • Box size: Length – 30cm, width – 12cm, height – 15cm
  • You only pull the ribbon and hang where more files come and out.
  • Environment friendly.
  • IPM Fly ribbon are Non-toxic and 4 quantity of each pack.
  • IPM Fly ribbon are High quality non drying glue.
  • Effective and long life.
  • Fast and Easy to use.
  • Sticking area – Length- 80cm Width- 4cm
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