These are PP film rolls coated with non drying adhesive on both the sides which trap insects/pests when in flight.

Material of construction:

These are made up of Disposable PP material The trap has three parts-

Target Pest:

aphids,whitefly, leafminer, thrips ,fruit fly and any flying insects

Color :

Yellow :- whitefly, leafminer, aphid and fruit fly
Blue:- thrips

Physical Dimensions of trap :

  • 10cms(W) x 100mtrs(L)
  • 15cms(W) x 100mtrs(L) &
  • 30cms(W) x 100mtrs(L)

Benefits :

  • Effective in controlling flying insects in Greenhouse
  • The glue is non toxic and does not dry fast.
  • It is easy to install/unroll in the field.
  • They are user friendly

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