Pheromones Trap

What is Pheromones Trap

Pheromones are natural substances that are produced by special glands in the abdomen of insects and it attracts the opposite gender of the same species. Insects produce pheromones for attracting their mate (e.g., most moths), for marking foraging routes (e.g., ants) or to signal alarm to neighbors (e.g., aphids).

Why To Use Them

Sex Pheromones of many species have been identified and are synthetically produced for use in insect pest management programs. Some pheromones attract only one gender of insect, while others attract both the gender species.

How Do They Work

Sex Pheromones are powerful chemical attractants emitted by female insects. These chemicals are detected by the males, assisting them in locating unfertilized females for mating. A few lures may include floral or food analogues that attract females as well as males. Pheromone traps baited with these lures are not intended for controlling pests alone, but aid in determining if a pest is present and whether a population is increasing, peaking, or decreasing. This information is essential in determining when and how often to time control actions. They are very effective monitoring devices and are relatively cheap to purchase. Product assembly is very easy

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