Bactrocera Correcta

Scientific Name Of The Pest :

Bactrocera Correcta

Common Name of the Pest :

Guava fruit fly

Host crops :

Guava, Mango, Peach, Sapota, Citrus, Papaya

Pest Identification :

Guava fruit fly is slightly larger than a housefly. It has two black transverse bands on its face and predominately black scutum with two yellow lateral stripes (vittae). Yellow costal band on the wing is interrupted and expanded at apex into a brown spot. Abdomen yellow to orange-yellow with a black mark on dorsal surface.


Damage To Crop :

Adult fruit flies damage the fruit where they lay their eggs causing blemishes and discoloration. The maggots bore into the fruit, develop inside and pave the way for secondary invaders (fungi or bacteria), which cause extensive rotting and dropping of fruit. Damaged fruits are unfit for human consumption. Damage symptoms do not vary on different crops.

Control Measures :

Methyl eugenol is used to lure males and it is very effective in monitoring these fruit flies. It attracts flies over a range of up to 1 km. The lure is placed in the trap along with malathion/DDVP soaked in small cotton wicks they are suspended in the middle of the trap to release the scent slowly in the atmosphere to attract and trap the fruit flies.

Pheromone Lure Details:

  • Dispenser - Wooden Block containing insect attractant
  • Material - Soft Wood
  • Packaging - Individually Sachet Packed
  • Sachet Material - Foil Lined Laminate
  • Field Life Of Pheromone lure - 60 days

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